Should I Purchase The Powersource 1800 Solar Generator?

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Published: 09th August 2011
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Everyone has been preparing more than usual in the past 2-4 years since they are constantly being told about how disasters can strike at any moment and how EMP attacks could occur, even the Bible talks about times when nations will go to war against nations. With all of this kind of information, it only makes sense to get right with God and start preparing, even Noah prepared. The solar generator we are focusing on today is the Powersource 1800 Solar Generator, we will list some features, our recommendation and the run times for some appliances. There are some bigger unit generators available but due to the fact that we are trying to focus our products towards the majority of consumers, we are discussing the most affordable solar powered generators.

The solar powered generator that consumers have been purchasing for over 3 years is the Powersource 1800 Solar Generator. As you can probably tell, the 1800 stands for 1800 watts of power and its solar powered. This generator is able to power your electronics with the 1800 watt battery bank and can be charged either by the included 90 watt solar panel or the included wall adapter. The way it works is truly as simple as plug in play because once you receive this, you take it out of the box, plug in the cable to the generator and the other to the panel and you are good to go and have power. The run times for this unit all depends on what is being powered, but here are the most common devices and their run time. A cell phone is 63 hours at 5 watts, what this means is you could use your cell phone for 63 hours if you needed to before you would have to charge the generator again. A laptop would be about 22 hours at 20 watts, a lamp would be 10.5 hours at 40 watts, a sump pump Ĺ HP would be able to run for 1 hour at 300 watts, and a microwave for 12 min if its at 920 watts. These are just some of the devices people use when they are using the Powersource 1800, you can always get more creative and think about other appliances like hot plates, coffee makers and toasters.

This unit is mostly geared towards families and couples who demand a higher standard of living. The cost is around 1697.99 and is well worth the money if you have no clue how to deal with terminal wires, solar panel installations, amp configurations, electrical box and charge controllers because the Powersource 1800 Generator provides you with everything you need to just plug and play. This is a huge time saver for parents because they need the assurance of something they can rely on when they have kids running around scared when disasters do happen and nothing is worse than having a unit not working because the wires are not properly installed and the charge controller not correctly optimized.

Some of the features that are included in the Powersource 1800 is the four 115 vac power outlets, to keep this simple, we are talking about 4 outlets like the ones you see in your home today. This is an excellent feature if you have many devices you want to charge at the same time, like your smartphone, laptop, or if you want to cook with your hot plate while brewing coffee at the same time and even breast feeding with a pump for those who have infants.

Also, the bright LED light turns on automatically when the power outage occurs to provide illumination over the AC outlets. This is very helpful during complete blackouts so you can find where to plug in your lamp. There is also a an audible alarm that signals 10 minutes before the unit runs out of battery power. Another useful benefit when you donít remember how much power you have used, perfect for parents to stay alerted and plan accordingly. Another key feature is that you donít have to use this only for emergencies you can also use it for outdoor professional activities, like power for outdoor photography, camping and for those secret cabin getaways you own.

The Powersource 1800 Solar Generator is the original solar generator that was built for and meant for emergencies, backup power and small to large families needing a reliable power source during disasters. If you have thought about this unit before, remember thousands of customers have purchased this and thousands are still purchasing this because of the quality and craftsmanship. This unit is built in the United States and shipped in the USA and other countries where customers truly need a backup solar power solution.

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